MSL Wallet, a free app for iPhone and Android, provides single use tokens for payment processing and web site logins to stop data breaches and web site hacking. With applicable hardware finger print verification is also done. Merchants canít save or transmit sensitive information.
Process is based on US Patents 8,505,079 - 8,533,802 - 8,566,957 - 8,695,071 - 8,713,656 - 8,800,014 and 9,112,847.

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Event Tickets
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Lottery Tickets


1 billion data records have been breached since 2005 because Merchants were are able to save and or transmit sensitive information.
MSL Wallet by MySingleLink, a free app for iPhone and Android devices, provide Single Use Tokens known as Single Use Digital Signature (SUDS) for payment processing and web site logins. This would stop data breaches and web site hacking once and for all.

With 'MSL Wallet' sensitive information like credit card numbers or their tokens cannot be transmitted or saved including within the cell phone. The sensitive information is only saved in a PCI Compliant and highly secured Gateway and can be transmitted only from the Gateway to processing networks like Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Using MSL Wallet is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • 1. Consumer scans/enters MSL Code to receive a random number
  • 2. Consumers have to authenticate with their finger print whereever finger print authentication is available. Example: iPhone Touch Id
  • 2. Consumer replaces '*' in the random number with their own PIN to create a Single Use Digital Signature (SUDS) which is a Single Use Token. SUDS is only a 6 digits number.
  • 3. SUDS is used by the Merchant to process the transaction

Flow diagram on How it Works


Additional Security using Image Verification



MSL Wallet can be used to transact with unlimited number of Merchants for unlimited number of applications.
Following are some of the applications currently available:
  • Web Site Login
  • Credit/Debit/Gift Card payment
  • Bar/Restaurant Tabs
  • Online Orders
  • Waitlist/Reservation
  • Parking
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Gift Cards
  • Rewards
  • Coupons
  • Event Tickets
  • Donations
  • On Demand Information and Videos
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MSL Wallet does not require any special hardware and works with the hardware that is already been used by Merchants.
Following are some of the methods to use MSL Wallet.

Face to Face Transactions:

Merchants use Credit Card Terminals or Virtual Terminals, POS systems or MSL POS App.
  • Merchant displays a QR Code at any number of places
  • Consumers hand over SUDS to Merchants using one of the following methods:
    • Consumer taps their cell phone on the credit card terminal or POS terminal.
    • Consumer enters SUDS in a key pad.
    • Merchants scans a Code from Consumers Cell Phone
    • Merchants manually enter SUDS into the terminal


Merchants use POS systems.
  • Merchant displays a QR Code at any number of places (Exampe: Every Table in a Restaurant). The value of the QR Code would be unique for each place.
    • Consumer scans code to Open a Tab or sign-in by scanning a Sign-in QR Code. If the Consumer scanned the QR Code to sign-in then the host would select a Table to seat the Consumer.
    • Merchants Open a check using the Table number
    • Merchant or Consumer close the Tab

Online Transactions:

Merchants market their products thru web sites. MSL Wallet can be used for web site logins as well as to accept payments. Web sites display a QR Code and also provides a text box for the Consumers to enter Single Use Digital Signature:
    • Consumer scans a QR Code from the web site
    • Consumer enters SUDS in the web site

Mobile Transactions:

Merchants market their products thru Mobile Apps or Mobile Web sites. The App or Web sites display a QR Code:
    • Consumer Taps on the QR Code to receive a Random Number with '*'.
    • Consumer enters SUDS

Over the Phone Transactions:

Merchants verbally give 'MSL Code' and receive verbally SUDS from Consumers.
    • Merchants verbally give 'MSL Code' to Consuemrs.
    • Consumers enters a 'MSL Code' in 'MSL Wallet' to receive a random number with '*'.
    • Merchants receuve SUDS verbally from Consumers and enter them in Credit Card Terminal or Virtual Terminal or POS system or in 'MSL POS'.